Success Stories

For nearly a decade, Green Delete’s secure, fast, scalable, and flexible offerings have been giving our customers the industry-leading solutions they need – and the peace of mind they deserve.

Christiana Care Health System

Rob Reed Manager, Information Technology and Interim CISO at Christiana Care Health System

We at Christiana Care Health System engaged Green Delete to assist with decommissioning 11 HP EVA Storage Systems with over 1100 drives containing greater than 400TB of data from two of our data centers in Delaware. Before contracting with Green Delete, they worked closely with our IT Security team to thoroughly review their data sanitation process and technology, after which we felt 100% comfortable that our highly-sensitive data was in the right hands. CCHS also has strict insurance minimums and certification requirements for vendors that access our data, and Green Delete met all of those prerequisites. They did a very nice job and finished way ahead of schedule, completing the work in two days. We are looking forward to a second engagement with Green Delete.

Chris Heuman, Founder, RISC Management and Consulting

Improper destruction of regulated, confidential, or sensitive information is a huge liability for every organization. Many companies we work with don’t even realize the type, and how much of it they have! Many that do, don’t realize where that data is stored, who’s using it, who they are sending it to, and completely forget about it by the time it is no longer useful for business purposes. However, the legal liability and the risk to the organization continues well after this phase! From ISO 27000, to PCI, HIPAA, and the NIST Cyber Security Framework, secure, permanent, and compliant data eradication is a requirement. And as many headlines have taught us, ignoring this requirement is a huge risk that many times results in a significant loss.

RISC Management and Consulting

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